Go Ahead and Kill Me if I Ever Want Engagement Photos

by Michelle

Seriously. Because if I do, then I am no longer Michelle. A bored, Pinterest using alien has taken over my brain and is controlling me.

I would never voluntarily get engagement photos…because I am not the worst. 

I am only 25, but I have already watched a lot of friends an acquaintances get married, and the pomp and circumstance that surrounds the whole wedding is so ridiculous to me. Perhaps it’s because of social media, but it seems that people are SO EAGER to prove that they are in love and have found the person who they are going to spend eternity with. As if by the time you are 22 you have really find the ONLY one for you. 

Everything about weddings are silly to me. You want to get married and celebrate that love — more power to you, I am happy for my friends that are happy. But the term “wedding season” makes me want to gouge my own eyes out. 

Annoying brides should be confined to Pinterest where they can interact with other bored soon-to-be’s and leave the rest of us to enjoy Facebook and Twitter for what it was meant for: self promotion.

Don’t get me wrong, I eventually want to be married and have kids. I can’t wait for a time in my life where I am not the most important person to be and I get to raise little humans. But that time is not now. And I won’t be terrible to be around when I am getting married either. 

Maybe I just don’t have the eye for weddings, but if it’s up to me, I am just going to get married at the courthouse and have a pizza party afterwards. Official instagram hashtag: #pizzawedding 

Obviously I am going to wear a pretty dress though, because I am adorable like that. But I promise to never ever subject my friends to my engagement photos because….BARF. Seriously. That being said — I really hope people I marginally know don’t stop taking engagement photos because I realllllly like making fun of them. 

Anderson out.