by Michelle

Kelli: You know….Mika will always be a parakeet to me. Like I know you say otherwise but I can only image Mika as a parakeet.

Me: Well no, Mika is a small parrot. Parakeets aren’t small Parrots, they are a completely different bird. Like, Mika is only slightly larger than a parakeet, but he is a Parrot. 

Kelli: ………Mika is a he? MIKA IS A HE?? Michelle….NO. Mika is a female parakeet in my mind and now you’re telling me that Mika is a MALE PARROT?? Do you understand what this means?? I have been living a lie for the last year? I have been living under the RUSE that Mika is a girl!! That doesn’t even make sense! Everyone KNOWS Mika is a girl name! That’s like naming a boy Leslie or Debbie….purposefully deceptive! 

Me: Well….Don’t worry I’ll never date a dude with a Parrot again.