The Aloneness of it All

by Michelle

I was talking to a good friend of mine tonight on the phone, who will sooner rather than later be moving back to the Pacific Northwest, which makes me very sad, and I must say I am quite jealous of him.

Not for the usual reasons of missing my family, because none of them really live there anymore, or my friends, who are all married or about to be, but because of the solitude one gets to experience when living there.

You’re never that far from a mountain, or hot springs, or a nice hike, or a chilly coast. You’re never that far from complete solitude. Living in New York City, this is something that I have learned to cherish.

New Yorkers will never understand what it is like to find yourself completely alone standing on a cliff in the middle of the woods, staring into the water contemplating the fact that we come into this world alone, and we leave it alone, and that is all we can ever really count on. Contemplating the aloneness of this life, and being okay with it. Being totally on your own and then an hour later finding yourself at a bar with your friends throwing back a brew. 

This is something, I truly miss. 


Anderson Out.