by Michelle

I had forgotten this piece of writing I did until my teacher put it up on his website…thank you to that teacher for inspiring me when I was 14 and barely knew myself.

Abandoned by Michelle A. (Class of ‘06)
I was small when it happened. I just remember waking up one day and
taking her to the airport. She packed all her bags, everything she owned was
gone. We said goodbye to her at the gate, we left before she was even on the
plane. My dad promised that we would see her again but that didn’t seem like
it would happen. We moved into a new, smaller house, where there was no trace of her.
The house was sterile and cold, the smell of her no longer there. I may have
been young but I new exactly what was going on. My mom had left us, moved back to Germany.

Then Kelly came.

She was tall with blond hair and a great smile. She was nice and tried so hard to get my brother and me to like her. But she was not my mom. She did not smell like her, feel like her, hug like her. My dad frequently left to be with her. He was gone so often that my aunt came to live with us. She took care of us but she was not my mom either. My dad was with Kelly, my mom was in Germany and my aunt was with us. That was that, and I soon came to realize that I could not change it.