It’s a Small World After All

by Michelle

Bet that song is stuck in your head now right? Well let me tell you how fucking small the world is. It all started back when my good friend sent me a job posting for Foursquare that seemed pretty perfect for me. I immediately re-did my resume, interviewed for what felt like months (it was really only 3 weeks), got an offer, accepted it, and started my new job there. 

This has been such a great next step for me. To be honest, I was in a place where I thought I was ready to move back west, like Fievel, and give up on my life in New York City. But like a sign from the heavens in which I do not believe, my new job showed me I should stay. 

About a week after I started, another new person came onto the sales team as well. She and I immediately hit it off and I joined her and her old Google coworkers for a happy hour last night. As it turns out, her roommate and I also had a lot in common, as we spent our adolescent years just outside of Portland, Oregon. Not only that, his step mom was my mother fucking high school principle because the world is just fucking small like that. We know a bunch of the same people and never met ourselves, but both somehow ended up in New York City working in the internet industry, inside of a bar, drinking Pinot Noir and reminiscing about the Pacific Northwest. 
I love this fucking city. 

Anderson out.