Luckily for Them, I am a Weirdo

by Michelle

So….my new boss emailed me asking for some fun facts to send out on a company wide email about me and since I am terribly bad at things like this, here is what I wrote back:

“I guess some ‘fun facts’ about me could be that I am originally from Germany but grew up on the west coast. I have a lot of hobbies but mostly love to cook/bake, sing and do outdoorsy stuff. I LOVE dolphins but panda bears also have a special place in my heart. I am also pretty sure one of the elementary schools I went to as a kid was sponsored by Welches Grape Juice but my only proof of that was the Welches juice machine in the cafeteria. Hope this helps! Looking forward to the 13th!”

Pretty sure everyone is going to think I am a weirdo. Luckily for them, I AM A WEIRDO.

Anderson Out.