Go Home New York, You’re Drunk

by Michelle

I need to talk to you all about something very important. A friend recently informed me that Fleet Week will not be happening in NYC in 2013. Now….to be honest I have not done any research on this, but the source is good and I am lazy so I am going to assume this is true. And I have one thing to say about it.




How DARE you take this the gloriousness that is Fleet Week away from the wonderful women of NYC. Year round we have to outnumber men and all I want is one week….ONE WEEK where I get to feel like I have the upper hand. IS THAT SO MUCH ASK??


I would start a petition but aforementioned laziness will not allow such a thing to happen. Anyone else want to get on that? Although, now I think about it we should probably position it as something for the good men of the marines and navy….not the slutty women of NYC…

Who made this decision? Like….someone really fucking dropped the ball? NO FLEET WEEK??? Go home New York, you’re drunk.


Anderson Out.