I’m Not Sorry

by Michelle

I’m not sorry. I won’t apologize for being who I am. For being comfortable enough to just be myself. For laughing too loud or trying to break dance even though I can’t. I won’t apologize for all the roboting either, because I’m real good at it.

I can’t pretend to be someone that I’m not, and I don’t like people who operate that way. I believe in being good to people, accepting them for exactly who they are and forgiving the mistakes people make.

I also know I can be a real blunt bitch, but it is never unwarranted and I am good to the people I love. So, thanks to all the dope people in my life who just love me, even though I talk A LOT and force them to dance with me to episodes of Glee. I love you even when y’all are fucking assholes.

Anderson out.