I Should Have Known

by Michelle

Like most ladies — and some gentlemen — I don’t discriminate — I have ex boyfriends. Well, just the one ex boyfriend. I have only been in one serious relationship, and it wasn’t a great one. It wasn’t it all his fault, there are several things that he did that showed me he was emotionally unbalanced, but I chose to ignore them. The first 4th of July we spent together, for example. First off, he absolutely did not want to spend the day with me, because he wanted to get liver poisoning drunk and didn’t want to have to worry — HA like he ever did that — about me. He was mad because I just HAD to spend the holiday with him — which was so weird to me, I mean…we WERE dating. Why didn’t he want to hang out with me on the 4th? Also, his grandmother was very sick at the time, and despite being told by his parents (and older brother who stopped by the house on the way to go see her the day before) that he should come see her in the hospital he decided to hang back because he wanted to throw a party.

Anyway, he got as drunk as he said he would, and was basically incoherent and intolerable. Around midnight I decided I’d had enough excitement for the day and was going to head home. When we were saying goodbye, he got really upset because his best friend had head butted him in the chest. His irrationality only escalated from there.

That’s when he started to cry.

Not just cry, but sob. Snotty, uncontrollable sobbing.
Once he regained some control over himself, he began to…sing.
While he was crying.
He sang a Sufjan Stevens song while sobbing about his family being mad at him and his best friend head butting him.
“Did you see the look on Pete’s face when I said I was staying. He was so ashamed of me.”
singing: “he was ashamed, he was ashamed.”

That was 6 months into our relationship. I stayed with him for 2 1/2 years. What was I thinking?


Anderson Out.