Not Exactly Politically Correct

by Michelle

A while back I went to a UFC party*** and the topic of Drake came up. Being who I am, I was all, “Did you know Drake was on that show Degrassi? He played the kid in the wheelchair!” And then I started wondering out loud about how it is weird that these shows like Degrassi and Glee try to be progressive by having characters that are in wheelchairs but cast actors that are not actually handicapped. Then they inevitably have a dream sequence where the character can walk, or in Glee’s case Safety Dance, thus needing an actor who is not actually bound to a wheelchair. This all sounds good and well but when trying to make this point out loud after a few beers and I kept calling them “wheelchair people” because I couldn’t remember the word for handicapped — so the point I was trying to make ended up being negated by the fact that I was being a total dick and calling the handicapped, “wheelchair people.”
Michelle: 0    Irony: A billion

***UFC is, like, the gayest thing ever. Not meaning its “gay” as in dumb, but that is actually super homosexual. I never seen something gayer nationally televised. And all these super homophobic dudes are just loving it. I mean, there are parts of the fight where it ACTUALLY looks like they are having sex. It is very uncomfortable to watch in a room full of people. I felt like I should be locked up in my bedroom with the sound on mute, not watching it with a bunch of people.


Anderson Out.