I Talk About Circle Jerking FAR Too Much

by Michelle

Her: but if I don’t get this fixed it will be much harder for me to be good with both hands during a circa jerk!
Her: is that how you spell it?
Her: not sure…
Me: hahahahaha no no it’s circle jerk, like in a circle.
Her: haha thanks for clearing it up.
Me: See how much more vulgar that is. Circa jerk would be at like, a circus or cirque du soleil or something.
Her: well maybe after I get my hand fixed maybe I could do that.
Me: You’d need an extra appendage though. It’s something only the fellas do…
Her: can’t I get two fellas?
Her: and fill in the gap that way?
Me: No, because it’s like, they all sit in a circle and do the person next to them.
Her: gotchya — women always get left out 😦
Me: I’m honestly okay with being left out of this one.
Me: Give me fair wages and I will keep away from y’alls circle jerks.
Her: Well it all depends on who’s in the circle really…
Me: I think men who choose to participate also play dungeons and dragons
Me: ironically — that is also played in a circle.