What a Way to Wake Up

by Michelle

So, I have this really weird uncle. And by really weird I mean really nice and cool and spends 5 hours on a Saturday helping me move. So anyway, whenever he and his family go out of town I am sort of the designated house sitter/mail checker while they are gone. I am also free to crash there, which I do sometimes because they have cable and a tv and coke in a glass bottle, three things that I can’t turn down. So after spending all day hiking yesterday I headed over to their place to do some laundry while they are out of town, and was so exhausted I fell asleep on the couch.

I should also explain that his in-laws live in the upstairs apartment, and I can only assume they were not informed that I might be around this weekend; because this morning I woke up to the pair of them staring in the window that looks into the living room with utterly shocked looks on their faces, clearly curious as to who was sleeping on the couch. When I turned over the both recognized me, looked even more shocked and appalled, and quickly scuttled away.

I went back to sleep to try and pretend I dreamt it.


Anderson out.