What is This, a Plaid Convention?

by Michelle

This last Friday was quite an eventful one; at least in my world it was, since my Friday nights are usually spent at home with ramen and all of my favorite tv shows.

Work was unusually slow so at around 4:00 my bosses, a coworker from the west coast and I went down to good ol’ Park Avenue Tavern for some wine. A couple of hours later my friends came to meet us and we decided to take the party to the downstairs portion of the bar, which was mostly because that’s where the bathrooms are. WHICH by the way, inexplicably has a bathroom attendant, which I find quite uncomfortable as I don’t like be ordered around while I’m squatting above a toilet with my pants around my ankles. It makes urinating much more stressful.

So, we get downstairs and every single dude is wearing plaid, and I said, “what is this, a plaid convention?” like 5 times even though it wasn’t really that funny. I was pretty seriously concerned, though, that we were actually at a plaid convention, because how else can you explain a simultaneous style choice by so many men such as this?

I guess the other option is that plaid has just gotten really really popular. I blame j crew, mostly.

Because I “had my buzz on” I just kept finding myself staring at the plaid around me throughout the night and being really creeped at how many of these dudes were just clones of each other. We moved the party back upstairs after a short time.

It’s things like this that make me cherish my weekend nights spent in the comfort of my Ikea twin bed, swaddled in my quilt and surrounded by my snacks and laptop, free to pass gas whenever I so choose and not have to hold it in because some douche named Claudio is buying me a drink.

*le sigh*

I know J Money says we need boyfriends because movie nights are pathetic otherwise, but I much prefer ramen for one. And the whole not having to hold in farts thing.

Anderson out.