I’m Going

by Michelle

to Ireland next year. I can’t go this year, because of far too many weddings I must begrudgingly attend, but I am going in 2013. I have been planning for far too long not to go. I have this really romantic idea of what it will be like. Traveling alone for 10 days. I can’t wait.

I love traveling alone — mostly because, I just want to be selfish and do whatever I want to do, and I don’t like putting that on other people or trying to force people to partake in my idea of fun — so I’m more than happy to go it alone.

And I am sure I will be all wedding-d out.

Not that I am not happy for my friends and blah blah blah — but 4 weddings in one year means I have to use all of my vacation time for quick, stressful trips across the country for other people. This will, in no way, be a relaxing year. And Frankly, I just feel like complaining about it.

I feel like people who are getting married get so swept up in it and their own lives and become extremely selfish in their want for people who they care about to be there, which isn’t bad in theory. I expect and welcome the selfishness that comes with such an event — I make such a big fucking deal out of my birthday, I guess I can give it up for a friend’s wedding. But when four of your close friends are getting married and they either want you to be there or be in the wedding, suddenly your whole year flashes before your eyes, and you realize despite your stressful job and lack of down time, you will get no real vacation.

I mean, it’s not even the end of January and I am exhausted. I already hate 2012.

This is likely all a rant based on the fact that I need to get laid and I hate people who are getting married because that means they are getting laid and they suck for that. I’ll write something funnier soon. Promise.