Conversations with my Roommate

by Michelle

Roomie: This cute guy from one of my classes today just asked me I told him about you as a diversion. So you might need to start dating him.......
Me: hahahaahahahaha Sweet!
Roomie: Thank god. I thought you'd be mad that now you have a boyfriend you've never met.
Me: Girlfriend I am as single as it get so even fake boyfriends I have never met are okay with me. 
Roomie: Exxxcellent. He makes his own beer and spirits and he grew up muslim. Score -- right up your alley. 
Me: It's like Allah created him for me. 
Roomie: He doesn't practice Yes I would say that fictional Allah created him just for you. He does, however, come at a great cost. His name is....Dennis. 
Me: That's okay, I like boring names. Plus I can call him The Menace when he breaks my heart. 
Roomie: He would never break your heart! He loves you!
Me: Could you imagine if he knew this was happening right now. The Menace would not be pleased. BRING HIM TO ME!
Roomie: I'm plotting the introduction now. I just met him so I can't be like "DATE MY ROOMIE."
Me: Just invite him over for a drink and be like "My roommate is really easy when she's passed out!"
Roomie: That could work....we'll have to do it after thanksgiving. 
Me: Good thinking. Wouldn't want to seem too eager. 

I love my roommate and that she tries to find me boyfriends. Even if they are named Dennis.