Running Out of Shape – I Should be in a Fucking Nike Ad

by Michelle

I went for my first morning run in YEARS today. I pulled myself out of bed before sunrise, strapped on my running shoes, decided to forego the iPod, did some stretching and just did it. It’s like I’m a fucking Nike ad. When I first got outside I really got my first taste of the impending fall; the air felt cool and almost biting to my skin, the streets were fairly empty, and the sun was just starting to rise. If the leaves had been a different color it would have been a fall morning. I started to walk and then run, and initially felt great, my body wasn’t feeling those same aches that I get right away whenever I run on a treadmill and the air was still cool. As I kept running my breathing became more jagged — my body didn’t hurt yet but my lungs were screaming for oxygen. I kept finding myself holding my breath as if I would get the chance to extract more oxygen from the air. There was no music to distract me — all I could hear was my jagged breathing and the occasional car. Once I could take no more I took it back down to a walk, though not slow, to let my lungs catch up — and as soon as I felt slightly less out of breath, I went right back to running. As the intervals of running became shorter the thought, I am SO out of shape, became louder. But it felt good. The air felt hotter, my lungs tighter, and then an old pain that I forgotten happens when I run came back. It wasn’t a long run, 25 minutes at most, but it was a start. Tomorrow I’ll do it again, and the next day and the next until my lung become stronger and my runs longer and that thought, I am SO out of shape, becomes quieter — today was just the first step. And it feels good.

Nike should probably hire me to write copy for them. Someone get the ball rolling on that.