by Michelle

I’d like to start out this evening by giving a big middle fucking finger to NYC. This heat is ridiculous. There’s all these people saying “the weather is great and you’ll all be complaining when it snows!!” — well those people are fucking assholes to the Nth degree. UMMMMM NO! I am never comfortable in 103 degree weather that “feels like 112.” I love winter, I love snow, I love being cold as shit and being able to bundle up. I hate this heat — it feels like I am walking around in a full length down coat while someone blasts a blowdryer in my face. So no, I won’t be complaining when I can walk around for 10 minutes without sweating through my clothes. But thanks.
Not only is it hot as a chode — the trains are running wrong, the station itself is about 20 degrees warmer than outside and I feel a severe hatred for anyone I see that doesn’t look like they are sweating — WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE???!!!

I miss seattle x1000 right now. I miss the mild summers, the green all around, how easy dating was because I wasn’t sweating profusely 4 months out of the year.

Today my little 9 year old brother texted me (Don’t get me started about the 9 year old with a cell phone thing) and said he love me and missed me and my heart broke a little.

Clearly, I am not loving NYC this week.