Britney Spears

by Michelle

Not that I actually care about Britney Spears, but what is going on with her music? I remember when she was the shit. Anyone remember Slave 4 U? Despite the fact that its title has horrible grammar the video was hot. She was hot, the dancers were hot, the dancING was hot, everyone was sweating and could tell how much work was put into the production. I recently saw the video for Gimmie and I was really….grossed out mostly. She basically just danced on a pole the whole time, but the dancing was just…not good. And her lip-syncing was off. Her body is not nearly as bangin’ as it used to be, but her outfit says that she thinks it is. Scratch that, her outfit says she doesn’t give a single fuck about the music she is producing. Which isn’t really her fault — I mean her new shit is awful and she knows it but people will still buy it, which she also knows. It’s like she’s mocking us and just going through the motions. I don’t know if she is an idiot or a genius.

I would really like to get about a thousand more videos and music like Salve 4 U and Toxic out of Brit but I doubt I’ll get it. I miss the music of my childhood.

I’m getting old aren’t I?