So Much Sugar

by Michelle

In many a form. My life…it’s so full….of candy. I just ate a disgusting amount of candy left over from my birthday party, as no party centered around me would be complete without candy. Speaking of my birthday, because this is all about meeeeee, it was quite an interesting one. I couldn’t possibly tell the whole story but the night started with a champagne toast surrounded by some of my best girl friends and ended with pizza surrounded by those same people (I think…I was pretty hammered). The night was quite a blur but there were so many good people there, save one creepy douche that one of my friends brought, and it was such a great birthday. The high points include:

  • Margaritas….so many margaritas, that I drank out of a christmas mug.
  • Said creepy douche trying to embarrass one of my best friends because she couldn’t come out with us because of an audition she had the next morning and me, fueled the many margaritas, shutting him down giving him a piece of his own medicine – you don’t fuck with Manderson’s friends.
  • Getting called a fucking bitch by said creepy douche – all my lovely friends, however, had my back.
  • Having a very surprising, to say the least, bar make out.
  • J Money lifting herself up onto the bar to get the bartender’s attention, and worried she wouldn’t be able to get it back, ordering $90 worth of drinks (this was a very cheap bar) and then handing them out to random people. I believe she also just stole some drinks off the counter.
  • That moment at the party when every asian there simultaneously got up and sat together around the dining table…we still don’t know what their secret meeting was about.
  • Me trying to trick two of my friends into making out because I just so badly wanted everyone to get some.
  • J Money calling at least 10 numbers trying to order pizza at 3 in the morning, getting one in New Jersey and trying to convince them to deliver to us, and then when they wouldn’t asking them to transfer us to a New York pizza delivery service.

I am sure there was more, but I can’t seem to recall. What a fantastic night, I couldn’t ask for better friends – thanks to everyone who came, you made the night complete!

Except for that one creepy douche….his hair was so weird.

Anderson Out.