Till I Can Get My Satisfaction

by Michelle

Tonight I was skyping with a lovely friend of mine when the inevitable question came up, “So…any guys in your life?” And per usual it was a resounding no from my end. We talked for a little while about how hard dating is and my life has just been me always being the single gal. Which I am okay with, in fact I get so sick of playing the dating games and even just talking about I could scream. YES I have been single pretty much my entire life save one boyfriend. I’ve just never been the girl that dates – I like not having a boyfriend. But sometimes I do wonder when someone is going to come along, someone I connect with and enjoy seeing and I can be genuine with. Not a forever thing, just something real. There is so much bullshit in NY – especially from the men, I wouldn’t mind something real, no matter how long or short it lasts.

Anyway, I was later telling my friend how I spent almost all of saturday night doing the robot – and that’s when it hit me – I just need to find my other robot. I can see it all now – smokey club (it’s before the smoking ban in this fantasy) and my dancing is just right angle after right angle complete with the robot stare when suddenly, the crowd parts. There he is, 10 feet away roboting to the hip hop that everyone else grinds to, our eyes lock – though our heads keep moving, as is the life of a roboter. We move towards each other and start dancing together like a pair of Rock ‘EM Sock ‘EM robots. And that’s it. I found the love of my life and we can robot until I can get my satisfaction.

Anderson Out.