No Makeup and Fake Raps

by Michelle

Me without makeup after adjusting my skin care regimen; I'm also "smizing"

Well Helloooooo!!! <—Seinfeld reference

It is a balmy thursday night and I am drinking white wine and watching SNL by myself and sending fake raps to my friends. On top of all that, in a white wine fueled state I started thinking about how good my skin looks – it’s okay, you can be jealous. Here’s the thing though – three weeks ago my skin looked like shit, and had been looking like shit for a while. Moving to NYC did a number on my skin because the air from New Jersey seeps into the city and pollutes my skin. So, a few weeks ago I did some major research (by major I mean 5 minutes) on how to improve skin and I learned that using scrubs more than once a week is bad for skin – which was a shock for me. I have been scrubbing my skin every day for months! So three weeks ago I started washing with a cream cleanser, stopped wearing moisturizer at night time and stopped scrubbing my skin. Nothing radical, and my skin is seriously improved. I felt the need to share this because I know most of my girlfriends have similar skin problems – I hope this helps!

Anderson out.