Dream Secrets

by Michelle

I’ve been having very vivid dreams the past week and I suspect it is from the melatonin I have been taking as a sleep aid as my nights leave something to be desired when it comes to hours of sleep. One in particular really stuck with me; it is as follows:

I was at a festival of some sort that was all about coke in a glass bottle, naturally, and I really had to pee – I assume from all the coke I was drinking. There were no bathrooms and as I searched desperately for one, the urge to urinate became almost unbareable. I kept looking at maps trying to locate a bathroom, but the place was like a labyrinth. Finally, I found what appeared to be an abandoned bathroom right near a pool on the outer edges of the festival, and I rushed into a stall. Little did I know the stall I was rushing into was meant for men rather than women and instead of a urininal it had what I can only describe as a trough for men to pee in. In my haste I slammed into the trough and it started to shake violently, covering me in stale urine. I then went into some sort of shock, as I was soaked to the bone in urine, but remembered the pool outside, so I stripped down, threw my clothing into the pool, and then jumped in myself. I guess my thoughts were that the chlorine would clean my clothes, and shortly after hopping in the pool I rung out my clothes and laid them out to dry in the sun. All was fine and dandy until some of my friends came along to find me naked in a pool. Naturally, I pretended to be a statue and no amount of prodding would get me to stop pretending, even though they clearly knew it was me. They eventually wandered off, and my clothes were finally dry so I put them back on, rejoiced at being urine free and went to find my friends. The first thing they said to me was: “Wow, Michelle, you smell like urine.”
Also, I never peed – not even in the pool.
When I woke up, I really had to pee. Clearly, my subconscious really digs deep for its dream material.

Anderson out.