And Then There Was Unemployment

by Michelle

Well, well, well. Friday, I was laid off from my job. Oh how the tables have turned. I continually planned to find a job that made better use of my skills and didn’t always make me feel uneasy because of the up and down nature of the company and  BAM — unemployment. It’s a weird feeling to get laid off – it’s like you did everything right but they just didn’t have it together financially. I was upset because it was so shocking, I worked my ass off, and they recruited me out of an internship that I could have kept until summer, only to lay me off two months later. Thanks for the resume boost, guys!

The worst part is I didn’t get to do it on my terms – it is like wanting to break up with someone and then they beat you to the punch and you end up getting dumped (no, I’m not going to give you credit for that analogy, DAD, because I probably would have thought of it anyways!!! geez). Where do I go from here? I guess I just work really hard to find a new job. Catch 22? It is really hard to find the time to find a new job when you are already employed but employers like to hire people who are already employed – want what they can’t have syndrome, I guess.

Anderson Out.