by Michelle

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to acquire 4 tickets to the Daily Show with Jon Stewart and this last Monday I was able to attend a taping with a couple of people that I loooove. Of course J Money was there, but so was my little asian nugget E who I used to work with. I seriously love this guy, he is hilarious and fun and the nicest little nugget you’ll ever meet – I wish I could keep him in my pocket and take him out whenever I need a good laugh.

Anyway, we were waiting on another person, M, to come meet us so we headed back over there and E pretended he was M so that he could get his ticket because M was running so late. We were so worried the bouncer was going to call us out but he just handed over the ticket – E could have walked up there and said any number and it wouldn’t have mattered. So we all are finally there, and heading in. I was seriously tired – I couldn’t sleep for shit the night before but M said something funny to me – he said he was out so late the night before he almost didn’t come. …………..HUH?? That is something I would never do – miss such a great experience just because I was sleep deprived.

SIDE RANT: Something that really bugs me about my generation (3o and under) is the ridiculous notion that cell phones remove the obligation one has to someone when plans are made. Look – if it is less than half a day away and it isn’t an emergency there is no reason you should be bailing – shame on you if you do this on a regular basis. People should just fucking do what they say they are going to do. I don’t really consider people a friend of mine if they bail on plans too often.

Anyway, we all did make it to the show in the end and it was so fun to watch. The guy that came out and warmed up the crowd – Paul something – was hysterical. At one point he asked E if J Money was his wife, and when they said they were just friends he asked if they hooked up when they were drinking and I laughed so hard I cried. Then, like the asshole that I am, when the guy asked me why I was laughing so hard – I said, “I’m just imagining if that actually happened.” But I got my comeuppance – apparently every time I laughed I bent over and he could see my bra – so he told the whole crowd I was wearing a red bra and then asked me to take my shirt off.

The next morning I watched the episode on Hulu and it was magical. It was like being there all over again. I’m thinking about framing a still from the show and superimposing myself into the picture so I can remember it forever.
On the other hand – that might be a really weird thing to do.

Anderson Out.