The Local Elevator

by Michelle

We have this joke at work amongst those of us who’s offices occupy the top 4 floors – “the local elevator.” Nothing is worse when I am trying to leave and the elevator stops at every floor. Wait, there is something that is worse than that – imagine for a moment: You hop on the elevator, you have already stopped a couple of times and you stop again this time at the 6th floor. Your heart starts to sink, you pray that it doesn’t happen – but your prayers fall of deaf ears. The person walks onto the elevator and presses the button for the 5th floor. Hatred sears through you. You couldn’t walk down ONE floor??!!! I mean…..Really??

I have a serious problem with people like this. I understand that having to travel from floor 6 to floor 5 can be slightly inconvenient, but how is waiting 5 minutes for an elevator not more inconvenient? Besides that, I can only assume that the only reason you are wearing shape-ups with trousers is because you are trying to adjust the size of your hippo ass – so you might as well take the fucking stairs.

People are so lazy.

If it less than 4 flight just take the stairs.

Anderson Out.