No Strings Attached

by Michelle

Not only a great album – but a great concept.

However, perhaps I have a slightly different definition than most. Society has evolved to a point that I don’t think defining yourself according to another person is necessary, for men or women. I don’t feel the need to fit into any certain gender roles – which if you read my blog is pretty clear. I speak my mind, I’m loud, I love to joke, I’m an asshole and I am unapologetic. I have discovered over the years that this kind of personality, while attractive in a male, is not very attractive in a female. And that is such a bummer.

I believe in always being yourself. I believe in loving people for who they are. I believe in not wasting your time on people who make you feel bad. I believe in being good to those who are good to you. I believe in expressing your love more often than not. I believe in validating those you love. Isn’t that what we all want? To be validated? There is nothing wrong with telling people what you like about them and expressing your appreciation for the things they do for you. I don’t understand why we must all play games to protect ourselves. Insecurity rules us, when compassion should be ruling us.

What I don’t believe in is defining yourself by another person. I don’t believe in hurting people to protect yourself. I don’t believe in being someone just so you won’t feel lonely. To me, all these things are strings. Strings holding you back from being free with your feelings. Shouldn’t you be with someone because you have fun with them? Because they challenge you and support you?

Maybe I will always be the one getting my heart broken because I won’t play games and I will always be myself. But I guess I’d rather get my heart broken than break someone else’s.  And I’d rather be single than be with someone just to be with them, especially if he doesn’t like me for who I am.