When it rains….

by Michelle

…it pours. I pretty much hate everything about that saying but I do think that it is true for me right now. I started a real job – one that also sucks, because if it doesn’t involve candy, I usually think it sucks. My coworkers creep me out ever so slightly – like they are doing sneaky things. And there is an edge in most people’s voices when they speak. I am definitely realizing that I mostly want to keep to myself and just work hard.

Back to my point though, I don’t make much money (barely enough to finally move out of my uncle’s basement) and while trying to save I keep buying shit because I love to shop, and then I find out that the hard drive on my computer is going out. I have had this computer for almost three years and I am not too worried about the documents on it because it is mostly stuff I read in school but if my computer dies what am I supposed to watch hulu on??? And also blog. Which I haven’t been keeping up with because I work. all. the. time.

I am literally complaining for no reason – my life isn’t that hard and I am lucky to have everything that I do – but still it would be so much less stressful if I just have 500 extra bucks in my pocket a month – at least then my 10 hour days would feel a little more worth it.

Anderson out.