Shouldn’t It Be Called Camel Hoof?

by Michelle

I ask this question because a co-worker revealed to me today the one thing he hates the most on a woman: CAMEL TOE. I agree, I really don’t like to see camel toe. I just don’t get it, isn’t that uncomfortable have fabric all wedged up in your naughty bits like that? I saw an SNL where one of the fake commercial they did were these pad-like things that women wore to stop camel toe from happening, and the joke was that it make them look like they had schlongs. But then I thought, That would actually be a really good idea – except for the part where it looks like you have a schlong. I really think some women would greatly benefit from a silicone insert, not unlike silicone nipple petals, that stopped camel toe from happening. I know, I should probably trademark this but when I am really going to have the time make this? I barely have enough time to sit around and do nothing, so that is definitely not happening. Back to why I ask the question: camels have hoofs, therefore it should be called camel hoof – or at the very least camel toes.