NYC Douche Bags

by Michelle

Currently, I am enjoying a coke from a glass bottle. Which is more delicious than coke in a can or a plastic bottle, not because of the glass itself as some of my more naive friends think, but because it is made with cane sugar. This coke really is the highlight of my weekend as I relax watching the movie Saved on cable. I never realized how exhausting it was to have friends in town. As they are on vacation, and don’t realize that I am not, in fact, on vacation and still have to work and run errands on the weekend before I work again on monday. Nonetheless is was delightful to have my friends from back home around for a few days and have some fun in NYC, despite the douche bag they were staying with. I have never in my life met someone who behaves more rudely, self-righteously, and is overall self absorbed, in my life. He only enjoyed talking about himself, was constantly interrupting regular conversation with non sequiturs in order to bring attention back to himself and trying to prove he was smarter than everyone else. It took everything I had to not blow up at him, and I slightly slipped a couple of times. On top of his regular horrible personality, he made a scene with the host of Death&Co because we had to wait a while for a table. I absolutely hate it when people are rude to people working in the service industry. It is just so fucking entitled to act that way. That host has very little control over who gets a table, and if you are rude, he is a lot less likely to want to give you a table at all. If I never have to see that ugly, insecure little asshole again in my life, I will be forever happy.

I would like to make a point of saying, though, that I met another one of my friend’s friends, Joey on the night of his 25th birthday. He and all of his friends couldn’t have been nicer or more fun to hang out with, so my faith in humanity isn’t totally shattered 😉

Anderson out.