Murder and Mayhem

by Michelle

It’s quite surreal when someone is murdered. Death is one thing, but having a life taken shocks me a little. Two men were murdered on the block I work on in NYC. It’s nuts to me that something like this happened only a few hours before I came to work. Some of my coworkers are saying things like, well they were supposedly in gangs so whatever. This mindset makes no sense to me, a human life is a human life. How can we so easily dismiss a horrific murder because they were “gang members.” People have no compassion for the experience of other people.

In other news I saw a drug deal today! There was a special handshake and everything – and by “and everything” I mean a handshake full of drugs. I know, you’re so jealous that you don’t get to see drug deals on your commute home from work.

I am currently sitting in a hipster coffee shop in Bed-Stuy called Outpost (I know, I suck at transitions, but if my english teachers couldn’t change me, no one will). I’ve got to be blatently honest (when am I ever not?); this place fucking sucks. The coffee is inconsistent, it’s full of hipster fucks and most of the staff, except for one girl named Coco, is fucking rude. Alas, it is all I know that is near to me. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Gorilla Coffee in Park Slope but that is a mile and a half walk, and it’s cold out. oooo they just put on good music, I favor them a little more now. But the guy who put the music on is such a self righteous hipster fuck. He looks ridiculous and I wish I could be a fly on the wall that day that he finds pictures from his youth and is horribly embarrassed. Also, when reading a fellow blogger’s most recent post, I laughed out loud at a very funny line and got more than a few dirty looks from hipster kids. They hate me because I can feel happiness.

Lastly, I finished another book that I would like to review. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Seth Grahame-Smith and Jane Austen. This book is pure gold. I love it. Pride and Prejudice seems incomplete without the zombie story line. A fiercely independent protagonist,  a male opposite that rivals Jane’s own pride and a platoon of militia men put up in a town near by for seemingly no reason. I mean, could you ask for a better zombie novel set up? I felt like I was reading something that made me smarter, for the language was consistent with the original, while being thoroughly excited by the story. The crafting of the zombie story line was done so well by Grahame-Smith that you would never know the difference. I hope they make this into a movie, only NOT starring Keira Knightly – because I don’t if her pursed lips style of acting will cut it for the fight scenes. Anyway, I have got to get out of this POS coffee shop.

Anderson out.