Socialites are real?

by Michelle

Apparently I was not privy to this little detail. I always thought it was something that hollywood made up, like families who still love dogs that destroy their homes or happy endings. However, socialites do, in fact, exist – and man are they horrible. I had the unfortunate experience of sitting next to three of them today on the bus to DC. The homo bros and their bitch. They were….ridiculous looking and sounding. They didn’t bother me much during the ride, but the kicker came when we were getting off the bus.
Bitch: Did you hear the black guy doing lines? He was a fucking crack addict.
Gay bro #1: Yea baby I couldn’t believe that!
Gay bro #2: *turns to me* wasn’t he sitting next to you at one point?? did you hear him??
Me: Um….no. that was a different black guy….there was more than one.
Gay bro #1: Ohhhh hahaha they’re everwhere!!! hahahah
Me: …………..yea.

With that I walked off the bus and out of the socialites’ lives forever… least I hope.

I sometimes cannot believe people’s ignorance.

BOOK REVIEW!!!!! I recently read The Year of Living Biblically by A.J. Jacobs. At first I really enjoyed this book, his attempt to follow the rules set in the old testament cracked me up. Especially his account of going to the creationism museum, which sounds like a great fake history museum to go to! However, my interpretation of his account was that he believed the only way he could find transcendence or spirituality was through christianity. He started out as agnostic and then found spirituality and god by following inane rules in the bible for a year? Seems improbable to me. The book was a good read but I feel like he failed to point out that the the rituals made him feel moral and spiritually connected to tradition, rather than helping him let go and find true transcendence. As an atheist I am a bit judgmental of these things sometimes, so I definitely recommend the book if for nothing more than an interesting read and a good chuckle.

Anderson out.