Just an object

by Michelle

Today I checked out Gorilla Coffee in Park Slope, which was great. The staff was super nice and the coffee was delicious. It was a mile and half walk away but well worth it.

My experience in New York thus far has only solidified my belief that a majority of men think of women that aren’t their mothers and sisters as objects. I hate ignoring people that pay me compliments as I pass, but how do I sort through them to find the genuine ones? Do these guys actually think they are going to pick someone up on the street or are they just bored? There are the classic construction workers that simply cat call at me, and then there are the guys that try and get me to go somewhere with them. Do I really look that stupid? Today some guy stopped his car and tried to get me to come over to his window, I just looked at him and said. “Yea….that’s definitely not happening.”

Anderson out.