Gainfully Employed….sort of

by Michelle

I am now an intern on Park Ave, a PAID intern. 4 years of college and I am qualified to do internet research! Just kidding – but seriously that is all Evergreen prepared me for. I am actually really excited to have this opportunity.  I am excited to start something new. I think I took the whole barista thing as far as it could go. After my interview and job offer yesterday I decided to go shopping for business clothes…I spent half the time lost and bought three things. I always end up walking like 3 extra miles a day because I don’t want to look lost and I also don’t want to ask anyone for directions. So I just keep walking until I find something.

I don’t know anyone yet in New York and am quite homesick. However, spending time with the family here in NYC has been good. We had dinner upstairs with my uncle’s Ukrainian in-laws which was interesting to say the least. The food was good but I didn’t understand most of what was going on, as I don’t speak Russian. I anticipate I will make friends soon….and until then I plan on reading the news.

I’ve been exercising everyday, mostly because the workout equipment is in the basement with me judging me when I don’t use it, but also because I am bored enough to exercise.

Anderson out.