zero hour

by Michelle

I may be just another asshole with a blog, but I think the world is fucked. Good, now that I expressed that on my inane blog, all problems will be fixed. I just moved to Bed-Stuy Brooklyn, in New York City all the way from tiny, horrible, Gig Harbor, Washington. My new home is interesting. For example: The neighbor just came over and gave us icee’s that he bought at the store. Why? No clue. Will I eat them? Definitely.

Basement living is interesting, I get no cell service down there, and it always feels like night time. I theorize that this is what it is like to be a vampire, and it makes me ever more glad I am mostly human.

I have an interview in a trendy area of Brooklyn tomorrow. If all goes well I will be serving coffee to trendy artists living off trust funds!

Anderson out.